Tub scrub

Most definetly BBQ weather today. Start off with coffee and tub scrubbing. The coffee's great (although it's not the OBJ). I've decided to finish of the Italian Espresso first, sort of saving the best for last.

The tub scrubbing is just good old fashioned hard work. It's done with a special sort of gloop that has the look and consistency of fairy liquid. Be warned though it most definetly isn't the aforementioned washing up soap stuff. This stuff burns a bit if you get it on your skin so you need to watch what your doing. It does a great job though and worth all the effort.

Filter and jets all go through the dishwasher nicely, although the filter goes on a 'deep rinse' with no dishwasher tablets. Soap in your filter causes nothing but bubbles of the wrong kind. Refilling the tub takes a good couple of hours as it's around about 1000 litres and then reheating can take 24 hours from cold to a maximum 40 degrees C. I've got it set to 26 degrees for now, the weathers way to warm for much higher than this, and it saves a shedload of electricity of course.

Tomorrow is hoovering (which should correctly be referred to as vacuuming). Living the dream.

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