Vacated Vacation

Honestly, I swear I had some vacation right here somewhere. Maybe I left it on the dining room table, or perhaps it's slipped down the back of the sofa... Wherever it is, it seems to be much smaller than I thought it was. All of a sudden, in less than 24 hours, I'll be back at work. In the words of the philosopher Homer (J. Simpson) D'oh!!!

Yesterday was relatively busy for a day off, although I did manage to crowbar a movie in as well, so it was almost a proper day off. Started off with dropping Mrs G off at work, and then off to the bank to arrange holiday payment. It's not until November, but now it's paid for it's a real trip. This led to dropping in on Mother-in-law who had Triple B at her house working on the renovations. Banter ensued.

As this is over two thirds of the way to Chelter's the bad man will be glad to hear that I managed to get into town and pick up some fresh coffee from Whittard's at last!! I chose more Old Brown Java (because it's sooo good) and some Italian Espresso. So far the OBJ is still winning, all though I've only had one shot of the IE, so that could change yet. Watch this space.

These two rather simple tasks to until around 2pm to get completed. That's because it's half term. Traffic hell, mum's and kids everywhere, nowhere to park, nowhere to run!....

The afternoon was free enough for me to be able to start to catch up with the movies - and in particular "Daybreakers". It's a futuristic Vampire movie with a twist and I really enjoyed far more than I expected. The logic is that the world has turned to vampirism and there's only a few humans left. Vampires need human blood to sustain themselves, and of course that supply is rapidly dwindling. Our hero is a human-turned-vamp haematologist who's looking for a synthetic replacement or better yet a cure. It has some great technological ideas - things like night mode cars so that the vampires can drive around in daylight without getting burned and instead of guns (bullets don't kill vampires) the weapon of choice is a crossbow (stake through the heart and all that). Nice touches. 6 out of 10

Now for today's challenge which in theory is a very simple one. Collect daughter and her mates from the airport on their return from Egypt. The golden age of simple straight forward air travel is long gone though, and I can see I'm headed for a gaffing sort of day. Daughter called on Monday just to be sure we're all set on flight times - 12:55 arrival. All good. A quick check on the airports arrivals board via their website this morning and only one arrival at 11:40... hmmmm.. That's not quite the same. So a look on the departures board from Egypt and no flights to the selected arrival airport at all!!?... What is going on here?? Now, I know from old not to be too trusting of such online wizardy and magic (Well, it's actually just a backend SQL or Oracle DB to the web server probably). The airlines don't see these methods of communication as primary, and the telephone and the boards physically in the airports are their bible's. However, a phone call to the airport just confirms the only arrival being mid morning. Something is awry.

SO my plan is to revert to the old 70's method of travel. That is, "go with what you know until you know something else". How did we cope before mobile phones and the Internet?? Well, quite well actually as it happens. On the basis that they might be on the earlier flight I'm going to set out a little ahead of schedule, the downside of course is that they may be massively delayed and I could end up sitting at the airport until very late this evening - or worse yet... tomorrow!!... Let's hope not. eh?

For now though - one more cup of IE, a quick car wash and brush up and then onto the road. Have a great day. Work hard. Makes me feel like I might still have one day off if you do that. ;-)

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