Blagging San Miguel

Well done spain. A well deserved win. Next time I'm out there on holiday, I'll be claiming to be related to the referee in some way, to try and get some free San Miguel's. Obviously, I wont be doing the same thing in Holland anytime soon - likely to get lynched for that.

Managed to slot some viewing in at various spots over the weekend including 'Green Zone' and 'Identity'.

Green Zone is great action fare. It's a Paul Greengrass directed movie, who is well known for the three Bourne movies which like this also star Matt Damon.

But for me, the star of the show is Jason Isaacs for two very simple reasons. First of all, he's very good in it - and in fact seems to be very good in everything he's in. He plays Lucius Malfoy in the Harry Potter movies, was Harry H. Corbet in The Curse of Steptoe (The British readers will know all about that duhurtee-owlde-man) and has shown up in all sorts of weird and wonderful roles across cinema and TV. And secondly, listeners to the Wittertainment that is Kermode and Mayo will know he sports an insane moustache in this movie and is deserved of a quick pause and a "Hello". So here it is..... "Hello to Jason Isaacs". He's not listening (or reading for that matter), but should he ever self google and stumble on this page - Keep up the good work.

Mr Greengrass started out as a director doing TV documentaries. World In Action and Cutting Edge to name but two. According to the IMDB he's slated to work on a new production of Treasure Island sometime in 2012. I can't wait.

Identity is ITV's new drama series about a Police Identity Unit that go around solving identity theft cases. Well - it's watchable, but in places about as far fetched as a bucket of cement from china. The first episode featured a bunch of murders and life changing transactions that it turns out were purpotrated by a 24 year old kid who looked like he was 12. Hmmm... not convinced. Still, I might manage to give the second episode a go just it case it can redeem itself.

In other news, Son has done himself an injury. It was only a matter of time. He's a regular faller off of things or falling over things type of chap, mostly because he will engage in such sporty pursuits as off road downhill mountain biking and rugby - possibly at the same time from what I can make out. Well, yesterday he was mountain biking down a footpath that looked to me like it was designed for mountain goats when the obvious happened and he hit a fence post ejecting him from the saddle over the handlebars and into some not particularly soft looking ferns. Turns out he's pulled the ligaments in his right ankle, meaning he now can't drive, walk about much or doing anything in particular. He's got the week off work this week as holiday as it happens - so he's not best pleased with himself. He will be very pleased with his Call Of Duty scores by the end of the week though, I'm sure.

Those Californian folks really are nutters aren't they? (said the man who watches people chase cheese down a hill! - Ed.) I live reasonably close to a railway line, but I couldn't imagine our street "mooning" at the 9.50 from Cheltenham. Unless of course I'd been on the free San Miguel in the Mugs Away Saloon in Laguna Niguel. I think we can figure out how this got started. More of that non-sense here:

...but worse still..... The Double Rainbow thing is really starting to get out of hand and I no longer find them even remotely relaxing: