Happy Anniversary Mrs G

So it's our 5th today, which if you follow the UK list means wood.  Hmmm.....  Anyway.... I managed to pick up a card, (which I guess is made of wood pulp, so pretty close) yesterday during my time shifted lunch break.

On  my way back from town, walking, I saw a few odds and sods.. Lots of white van men, they seem to get everywhere don't they?  A couple of old biddies with walking sticks and shopping bags shuffling their way into the city to spend their pensions at Sainsbury's, on cat food and sherry.... probably.  Some fat bloke waddling along shaking and nodding his head to whatever he was listening too in his headphones. He looked a bit odd if you ask me. I steered clear, just to be safe.

The walk itself though, got me thinking that this sort of activity in the middle of the day is a bit like the Badman's dog walking routine must be for him.  It creates a bit of space in the middle of the day, breaks up the work and allows his mind to wander off almost unattended to come up with god knows what.  Usually something prophetic or some stroke of genius that helps get him through the rest of the day.  I don't normally operate like that. I tend to start early (pre 7am just about) and then just push on through into the middle of the afternoon.  The problem with my approach is that I don't seem to stop to feed and water myself and by about 3pm I am pretty much burnt out for the day even if I have got a hell of a lot done in the meantime.

Having had this self imposed break, I think I might try and adjust my working routine to accommodate the same and see if it keeps my business brain perky all afternoon.  I don't have a dog to walk (I suppose I could walk the cats, but they wouldn't appreciate it, they walk themselves mostly). I guess I could have a wander up the road to the shops for an hour and try and flush out my brain cell. That might be just enough to give it the spark of enthusiasm it needs in the afternoons, just around tea-time....  I'll let you know how that works out.

In other news, I see with great hilarity that Durex maker SSL has agreed a £2.5bn bid from the people that make Cillit Bang. Clearly the News Quiz, The Now Show, Have I Got News For You and That other one with the big Irish fella must be besides themselves with glee, knowing that there's enough material in there for at least 10 minutes.....  better yet, that Durex condoms, is set to be sold to Reckitt Benckiser - who also own Finish dishwasher tablets....  Wreck-it, Bang & Finish....  this stuff is just made for comedy.

I also read that there's a story going round that BAE have come up with a system to pipe wireless data through the solid steel internal walls of submarines, thus rendering the dodgy wiring that has to pass through the walls at the moment, redundant. Now, is it me, or have that just not though that through quite properly ?  My basic knowledge of submarine detection understands that it's all based on noise underwater, and as well all know , noise is vibration.  Surely banging a very small hammer up and down against the walls of the submarine is going to have two problems.  1) It's a bit like having a big arrow over the surface of the sea, with neon lights that flash the words "Here We Are!" which is helpful for passing shipping and enemies. And 2) if the vibrations can be picked up the other side of the steel plate, then they can be picked up around the steel plate, so doesn't that mean that you're enemy as well as knowing where you are also knows what data your transmitting through the wall??....  They must of thought of this, otherwise god help us all....  Next thing you know we'll have 12 year old snobs in charge of the treasury....   oh...  really??...

Anyway - back to the monotony of it, and perhaps with a little stroll at lunchtime.  Mrs G's day will be broken up with the delivery to her place of work of some flowers and chocolates, and then this evening we're off out to dinner to a really nice place in Cheltenham, but I can tell you about that tomorrow...  Have fun.


  1. Let me know if you still walk today even with it raining!?? The appeal doesn't seem so "appealling" :-)


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