Here's a Sunday...

Doze until about 9.30. Walk to the shop to pick up a paper, milk and bread. Daughter off to work. Coffee and toast in the garden. Catchup with Kermode and Mayo's wittertainment. Tuna mayo panini's for lunch. Watch the Grand Prix. Walk a couple of miles through the park and along the river. Stop in Sainsbury's for refreshments. Walk a couple of miles back. Catchup with the IT Crowd. Cook a Chicken Korma for dinner. Mrs G catches up with Casualty. Tweeting. Prepare for Sherlock at 9pm on BBC1. News. Daughter arrives home and regales us with tales of roast dinners. Blog. Bed.

Monday will be get fit day with a 25 min jog first thing. . . . . . or maybe not.


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