Mainlining Online

I'm sure you can tell from the quality of yesterday's post, that I got a shed-load (verifiable quantity as per H.M.Weights & Measures) of work done yesterday. Had a very productive day, not that everyday isn't productive, but yesterday was just more so. It's a satisfying feeling, but will be instantly tainted by the need for something else to be done. Just like the Donkey and the Carrot on a stick, The Hamster & the Wheel, or  outer space.... it just goes on forever.

Luckily, the fact that I don't have it allocated yet, should allow me a little bit of time to get some life balance stuff done.  In particular the 5th Wedding Anniversary shenanigans, which if I don't get sorted (as any married man will tell you) my life won't be worth living.  Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so probably best not to scorn, I say. I've got everything done but a card, so I'm going to have to have a quick trip into town at some point to find something appropriate.  There is a dinner plan, but I best not talk about that until after the event, just incase Mrs G decides she's finally going to read this rubbish.

Moving on...

Let's get wasted!!!!!  (Woah... hang on a minute... What!?? - Ed)  What I'm actually talking about is "i-dosing". Still none the wiser?? Let me elaborate.

Parents of todays youth (that includes me), you should be very very concerned.... again...  Your kids may at this very moment be getting high as kites by downloading a speedball of sound from the evil Internet and uploading it into their brains via their ears.....  Or to put it another way, they might be listening to this new-fangled music that gets them high.... Or to put it another way, they might have discovered "Binaural Beats" which are used for sleep therapy and are labouring under the false impression that this tosh somehow makes them high.... It's all here in the Telegraph, so it must be true...

Actually they probably are getting off their heads, because for 5 minutes they're not texting, video gaming, facebooking, tweeting, flippin MTV channels or trying to figure out how to be an adult. A little bit of peace and quiet in an ocean of noise, can't actually be a bad thing can it??  We used to call it meditating, but that's the generation gap for you, always re-inventing the language.  So if you want your kid to get high (which apparently now means 'relaxed') without the use of drugs, send them off here: I'm sure they'll have a gay old time... ooo... hang about, that's changed as well, I mean... happy old time...  word...  I mean rad... I mean sick... no I mean random... oh, whatever.. D'oh!

Finally some calming video imagary in the form of animation. OK, so perhaps it's not really calming, but it's not exactly drug fuelled speed on acid and ecstasy. You probably won't get "off your face" on it. Lagoa Technologies have released this video on 'Vimeo' (You know, the other YouTube - Ed.) which shows what they've been doing with Real World Physics Simulation.  Very impressive looking stuff if you're interested in modelling and rendering and all that good stuff..

Lagoa Multiphysics 1.0 - Teaser from Thiago Costa on Vimeo.

Ta-ra then... I can hear the factory whistle tugging at me as if I'd caught my coat in a car door after disembarkation.