A Saunter through the shires

Today finds me getting up at the crack of dawn to drive to my just-about-nearest Starfleet base. This act in itself is a blessed relief but only because it forces me to do absolutely nothing but listen to the radio for two hours (one there and one on the way back).

And the subject of this audio delight - pod-casts! Scobi rattles on about them, presumably because his time management skills are so awful ;-) but for the most part I'm usually up to date with mine. So in the last week I've made a point of not listening, just so that I can have the pleasure of their company on the journey in this morning. This however, leads me to another point - connecting your iPod/iPhone to your in-car audio.

TomTom Ipod Touch Car Kit - GPS receiver module for Apple Ipod Itouch ***WILL NOT WORK ON IPHONEWhile I was up in Scotland I picked up an official TomTom cradle from the Apple store. This was in the heady days before the existence of the controversial iPhone 4. That cradle is specifically designed for the 3GS and so I was concerned that the 4 wouldn't fit and or work, and in fact initially it didn't. Until I figured out that there's a small pressure switch just behind the doc connector where the phone sits. This switch is pushed in by the phone itself once it's in the cradle. With the 4 being square-er it doesn't push the button. The answer is a small piece of sticky backed Velcro (the soft half, not the rough half) stuck on top of the switch on the cradle. This pads out the switch to be just thick enough for the phone to push it into the correct position et voila!!

With that sorted I could enjoy and audio filled journey through the shire's to the Starfleet base.

Stretch, one of my colleagues, has been taking time to visit as many Starfleet bases as possible it would seem - clearly he's not busy enough ;-) but I have pointed out that in "FourSquare" terms that would make him the Mayor of Starfleet. If you haven't looked at FourSquare - take a peek. I keep reading that it's the next big thing in the dreaded "social networking", but I'm not wholly convinced just yet. It's interesting at the moment, but I don't believe that everyone wants you to know where they are at any given moment in time.

Now I've got far too much work on my plate now that I've arrived. So I better try and get on with. Have fun.