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Daughter arrived home about 6am after her night shift. She got a couple of hours kip before going off to the pub to serve Sunday lunches to the masses. This particular Sunday is a big day of sport, and a big day of sunshine, so her hope is that no-one will want to be sat indoors eating roast beef meaning that she may be able to finish up early. Time will tell.

Mrs G and I had a lie in, coffee and tea in bed and then up and off to Tesco because were out of bacon. A travesty!!

A full english cooked breakfast/brunch/lunch which was simply perfect (even if I do say so myself) and then to the order of the day... Radio 4's "I'm sorry I haven't a clue", the Sunday Papers, the British Grand Prix and the World Cup Final. With such incredible weather we appear to have an almost 'perfect storm' but without the Pimms.

Excellent hosting skills from Jack Dee, although he can never expect to fill the shoes of the great 'Humph' (Humphrey Lyttelton) who sadly passed away in 2008. But in the great man's own words: "as the loose-bowelled pigeon of time swoops low over the unsuspecting tourist of destiny, and the flatulent skunk of fate wanders into the air-conditioning system of eternity, I notice it's the end of the show.".....Beautiful stuff.

The papers are full of the story of the bouncer 'Raoul Moat' and not much else. My morbid fascination isn't particularly interested, yet there's always some other moments of dross to catch my eye. For example Katie Price's honeymoon with Alex Ried. I mean, really- where is the news?

Worst moment of the day for me' has to be the instant that I realised that triple B is actually at Silverstone. Gutted that I'm not there as well. To be honest, I haven't been for quite a while which is terrible when I do love the whole show and pazazz of it so much. I was lucky enough to fly in and out of the GP a few years ago and to meet Damon Hill (The ex-World Champion and designer of the new Silverstone track) to boot.

Without doubt the best day at any sporting event that I've ever had (even if I did have whinging S with me ;-) ). An incredible experience and one I can only save up for to repeat. Good to see Lewis Hamilton in second after he'd been pretty much written off for this race by the pundits. Next stop is Germany on the 25th.

A bit of sunbathing with Mrs G in the garden and a couple of ice cold beverages in the run up to the World Cup Final. Not that I'm bothered or even particularly interested now that we're out, but I'll still give it a watch. I will be looking forward to 2014 in Brazil, but before that we have a date for the diary: December 2nd 2010. That's the date that Sepp Blatter will announce the winners of the 2018 and 2022 bids... Who knows, it could be us.

On the Techy front I'm having all sorts of dilemmas about the best method for writing the blog.

I've been playing with Wordpress and you can have a look at the results at Now, I love the immediacy of blogspot and the way it just integrates into my google stuff so well, but then I love the polished feel of wordpress too. But what's really got me trying to decide is the results of mobile blogging and blog browsing.

Blogging on the go is most helpful as well as being loads of fun, not least because when you think of something, or stumble over that gem of info, you can jot it down there and then. I do this on and off throughout my waking hours and then a final edit and polish before clicking the publish button. Both blogspot and wordpress have iPhone apps to help me achieve this, but the wordpress one is just a tad cleaner in operation.

Blog browsing also has it's pluses and minuses. Blogspot blogs work fine in any browser, but they are the same across the board with little scope to manage their look feel for different platforms. Wordpress is a real winner here with built in mobile browser detection and formatting to suit. Not only that, but the page rendering they've designed for the smaller mobile browsers is (as is the norm with their work) very polished. That's not to say that it can't be done in blogspot, but it's a hell of a faff and I've found it a little unstable.

All in all, Wordpress is the more pro solution with tons of functionality. It even imports your blog straight from blogger (including comments) - but this has led me to discover an undocumented 'feature' that's rather annoying. I write in Blogger and often embed all sorts of snippets of HTML on the way. Importing these entries into Wordpress (which seems to be the best way to manage both simultaneously) often leaves my additions of code out or mangled beyond recognition, requiring a twiddle and tweak to restore them.

So what do I do now? Should I stay or should I go?

I think that just for the time being, I'll be maintaining both until I can decide. Fun times.


  1. Golfy, I always thought you were taller than me until I saw that photo of you with Damon Hill. I reckon the Borrowers may now be calling you Short @rse.

  2. Correct conclusion about wordpress fella - and furthermore it ain't owned by Satan (Google).


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