Titchy Shuffler & Davina McPhwoar

Tinchy Stryder is in town. Anyone over the age of 40 fear not. It's perfectly acceptable to say "Who?" at this point. Apparently he's some sort of rap artist who clearly has been poorly educated judging by his spelling.

Where do you get a name like that anyway? I suspect (although I've not seen him) that he's quite a short little fella. No doubt at some point in his mis-spent youth someone pointed out what titchy strides he took to get around (or if his friends were Australian - what small trousers he wears). From here it's simply bad spelling to get to Tinchy Stryder. Perhaps from now on I'll be known as Gulfee Brawl.... What do you reckon Breadman?

With all this commotion going on, daughter had elected to work the 'safer streets' patrol rather than provide onsite support at the gig itself. Turns out there was a bit of a scuffle around five am and she made her first bonafide arrest. I can't go into detail obviously, but I understand she handled herself very professionally.

Bit of a Spaghetti Bol for dinner this evening I think, followed up with last nights Big Brother and the gorgeous Davina McCall. I can't help it. I'm a man of a certain age and she is a woman with certain curves and bends, and I have no brakes. She's no Mrs G mind you, but she's a close second.

I haven't mentioned Big Brother since it started but I must admit that I have been watching. Not as avidly as I have done in the past, but keeping a polite passing interest so that I can be socially acceptable in any given circumstance. You may mock. Plenty of people claim the BB is not worth the time of day and that it is cheap television for the masses looking for a quick shot at fame. Possibly. But I happen to know that large numbers of people who are publicly disparaging of this twoddle, are completely glued to it behind closed doors. An interesting phenomena.

I'm not glued to it but I do find it entertaining. I may even give you my series summary in a few weeks when it's all over. For now, I'll just enjoy being in the virtual company of Miss McCall.