Wheels, Family & Sunshine

I'm trying to get my writing mojo back by having a brain fart, I can tell you, it's a struggle. I'm starting to wonder if it's the weather that's making me lethargic about it - but then it's not really just the writing, it's work to if I'm honest. I need to have a word with the director and find out what my motivation should be for this scene!!

Let's try some diary type stuff. First of all, daughters wheels were on eBay and now are sold - I don't mean her car, I mean the alloy wheels that were on her old car - so a little fella from Birmingham has trundled down here to pick them up. He sounded like a teenager on the phone, and true to form he was of the boy racer type although not in a Saxo with blacked out windows. He was quite happy to shell out the required funds but judging by his navigational skills what were £170 pounds worth of wheels have probably cost him about £250. A one hour journey took him two and half hours!! Kids.

We're still car-less while we await the reconditioned callipers so Mrs G. took a walk to the supermarket for some odds and sods while I was left to entertain Aunty S, M and the two E's. Coffee on the decking and some comedy chat. All very nice. Son went to pick up his mountain bike (in preparation for a little bit of action he has planned for tomorrow) and Mrs G.

By 3pm-ish Sister Ball had arrived. More coffee and preparations for the trip to Wiltshire to celebrate aunty M's 70th birthday. Sister Ball is driving, which is very lucky considering the car situation, in her Volvo (They're boxy, but they're good).

No doubt there will be an enthralling evening of family entertainment. Ho-hum. Seriously, it's bound to be a laugh.

So this seems to have gone some way to getting me writing something. While not the most interesting of entries, it is at least accurate. I think I'll be taking GF's advice for a bit and try a few retrospective entries unless of course, the ball cousins and company provide so much inspiration that I can't help myself.

For now let's enjoy the sunshine!!! Happy days.