Worse than shutting your fingers in a car door...

Any idea what that could be? Worse than shutting your fingers in a car door?? From very very painful experience today, paying for your car's MOT and Service. Ouch that hurt. 450 quid. Now, I really shouldn't be complaining about though. If I had a company car, I wouldn't have to pay for that, but then I'd also be paying 3 or 4k per year in tax. This year, my car has cost me £600 in total. It's really not bad at all. Just stings a bit at the time.

On to more intriguing things. Good to see someone actually challenging the Digital Economy Bill. I seem to recall our now deputy prime minister insisting that this particular bill will be repealed should he be elected to office. Well, there he sits, and the bill still stands. There's work to be done here still, SO WHY ISN"T IT BEING DONE!!!??!!?.... and relax....

...and on the subject of Digital Britain, you may recall I mentioned the BBC story regarding the government building iPhone apps. Now I've read this: http://www.infoworld.com/d/mobilize/brits-criticize-iphone-apps-prefer-antiquated-government-449 and I think it needs a re-visit. To be clear, I'm all for government cuts AND I'm all for the government making GOOD use of technology for us. But that's the key. It has to be a sensible requirement, no matter how well off we are as a country. I can see where the guy's coming from, but we as a nation are undergoing an unprecedented change in the way we both perceive and use the public purse. Moat Cleaning, Duck Houses, Nursing, Teaching, Firefighting, Policing, in fact anything that our Tax pounds (we are British afterall) goes anywhere near, including iPhone apps are all fair game right now.

Nice to note that the Bank of England are holiding the base interest rate at 0.5% still. They're waiting for my mortgage renewal to come around and then it will skyrocket the month before it's due.

I see Youtube has been updating itself. OK, not itself, but the team at YouTube have been writing new interfaces. Two infact and all based around HTML5, meaning no more flash!! WooHoo!!. There's a new mobile version designed for everyone's mobile phone, which you can see here: http://m.youtube.com/ and then there's a sodding great TV sized version called "Lean Back" which you can have a look at here: http://www.youtube.com/leanback. Excellent work by the video googler's I think.

..and while we're YouTubing (I'm sure that's a real word), the amazing Rainbow has been reworked yet again. The human race really are an inventive bunch (either that or the devil makes work for idle hands). Anyway, I know you've seen the original back here, but this one really is the baddest f**king rainbow I've ever seen.

Now for a quick update on the 8-bit Tie that I'd suggested for the recluse that is Scobi. The Tie was a good start, but now someone's gone one better and made an entire suit. 8-bit Gary has to be what the smart geek about town should be wearing this summer.

Do you remember RickRolling?? That's that thing where someone sends you a link online to something, and it turns out to be Rick Astley singing "Never Gonna Give You Up". It was all the rage amongst Internet pranksters for a little while, but now it has officially been declared over. Here's the evidence that it's dead....

Don't mess with the cat. Ta-Ra!!