4 days and a break

Well, the weekend has been and gone and not much fun it was too.  Don't get me wrong, it was nice not to be at work, but it wasn't full of fun and interesting things to do. It was quiet, and actually quite pleasant in a "nothing to do" sort of way. Hmm..  maybe it was more fun than I'm giving it credit for.

Yesterday was Sunday lunch with the in-laws which regrettably clashed with what could have been Sunday BBQing with my Mum & Dad. Trouble is, we had the Sunday roast on the cards for a couple of weeks because daughter hardly ever has a Sunday off and she does like "Grannies Roast Dinner". Ho Hum... such is the way of things.

This week doesn't look like it's going to be an awful lot of fun. I've got to cram 5 days worth of work into 4 days because on Friday I'm going on a little holiday.  Well, I say holiday... it's a golf weekend with the lads in Torquay. Torquay of all places??  Retirement home of the old and infirm. I'm sure we'll have a blast.  Still, it's S's organisational skills that are being put to the test, and already things are looking a bit shaky. I don't want it to be a disaster, but a few mishaps along the way on his part, are bound to be entertaining for the rest of us.

He's already booked it for the weekend of his son's birthday... I mean... how the hell could you manage to forget that!??  This means he's going to have to race back on the Sunday morning, and he'll no doubt be trying to use that as an excuse not to have a drink on Saturday night. He's got two hopes there. Bob Hope and No Hope.  The rest of the lads would never let him get away with that. So I suspect he's going to need a lie in and a late breakfast on Sunday morning, and as a result should expect to arrive at the birthday party by about 4pm......  Don't start feeling sorry for him. It's his own fault for not managing the organisation appropriately.  Buffoon.

Of course, it's all fun and games until someone looses an eye, so it may well turn out that we get him blind drunk on Friday night (which will do his golf no end of good) and let him off a little on Saturday. Time will tell.

Right then. How about a few bits and bobs you might have missed....

The geeky tech bit...Let's start with a teeny tiny canon. This looks like it might be fun, if a little dangerous:

The uplifting bit...  seriously. If you think you're alone and there's two things you need to know. 1) That's perfectly alright. and 2) This is the HOW TO:

OK, OK, lets stop being all namby pamby now.  Time for the "bit of a giggle" bit....
I know I've mentioned the Expendables elsewhere, but now Mr Stallone has started the promotionaly work. I don't normally watch this stuff, but stick with this one... Clever stuff what they've done to YouTube

Finally, resignation seems to be in the air....

In the last week I've heard of a good friend and colleague whose leaving Starfleet for new ventures. He will be missed by many (myself included) I have no doubt. As you know such disasters happen in groups of three. So who are the other two ??

Well it turns out, the CEO of HP (Mark Hurd) has been up to no good with his expenses and Jodie Fisher, although it appears this may be not quite as interesting as everyone had originally thought. In fact, this could probably be considered not to be a disaster at all.  And the third one to go ??

Mark Papermaster of Apple. He was, it's alleged, the man responsible for the iPhone 4 antenna.  He had a tough enough job getting into Apple because of what he'd done in his previous job at IBM, and now it looks like after all that he's made a bit of a balls up of one of their key products....  I wonder what he'll do next ?

I'm not in any rush to resign - although if it carries on like this much longer I'll be reaching for the pen and paper. In the meantime, it could be worse. I could work for Tiger Oil. WoW!!!

Happy Monday.