B-day preparations and artwork

Just so you know, the main reason for having a long weekend off from work this week is the wonderful Mrs G's birthday. Although she'd rather it wasn't. Usually we go away or do something a bit different, but this year we're not going anywhere in particular. Various reasons, but the main one being that it will just be nice to chill out and not feel we should be going somewhere or doing something.

I'm no fool though and I'm fully aware that this means we will almost certainly end up doing something as yet unplanned.

Yesterday saw us end-of-summer cleaning the entire house from top to bottom which is where my artwork came in handy. OK, so perhaps artwork isn't exactly the right description, but I did have a paintbrush in hand and various paints which I liberally used to patch up, touch over and cut in where visible knocks and scratches have manifested over the last 12 months or so. The result is that the place looks like new again and smells as if the Queen is coming to visit (ie: the waft of fresh delux is on the breeze)

We also endured oven scrubbing, window cleaning, full furniture removal and hoovering beneath, behind, besides and anywhere else beginning with be, as well as Mrs G's 24x7 laundry regime (seriously - don't hang it on the back of a chair - it *will* get washed. NB:This is not a complaint; merely an observation).

And with the weather being as muggy as it was I reckon we must have lost a few pounds in sweat. Sadly, still to do is lawn mowing and gloss paintwork, which weather permitting will be today once I've procured appropriate card and gift suitable to the more important occasion.

I'm thinking tonight might be the perfect occasion for Mrs G and I to have a trip into Chelters and sample a few of the hostelry's of impeccable quality. That's always entertaining, and I'd particularly like to steer her away from the launch of the X-Factor, because otherwise my Saturday nights will be wasted from now until Christmas (and that's an awful lot of Saturdays!).

Sunday will see us eating out for Sunday Lunch with W&J most likely at daughter's watering hole. Then Monday I suspect will be birthday shopping as Mrs G's been dropping heavy hints that all donations to her shopping fund would be gratefully received.

Actually, for a completely unplanned and empty weekend, we seem to have it all pretty much mapped out, but you never know.....

Finally - this bit might seem a little odd, but I've got these 3 or 4 articles that I really want to get and read and I just need somewhere to keep a record of them. There's no point in me bookmarking them in my browser because I'll probably be using a different browser when I find the required 20 minutes to sit and read them. So instead, I'm just going to dump them off here and then I'll know where they are. You can read them too if you like. ;-)

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