The Best Laid Plans....

As Eddie Izzard once famously said... The best laid plans of mice and men!??! Mice!!? What plans are these mice hatching ? Break into the fridge, steal the cheese, load it into the mini's and escape via a convoluted route through Turin and into the mountains ??... or something like that anyway.

In my case, the best laid plans that have gone awry are those of my interesting Architectural meeting this morning. This means I drove all the way down here only for the customer to have a last minute change of plan and not be available for the planned session. Re-scheduling means that it's now this afternoon (which in theory is fine) although that does leave me in the sticky situation of spending my return journey in heavy rush hour traffic rather than mid-day flow.

I appreciate this sounds like a whinge and a moan, but genuinely it is not. I'm actually very glad to be in the company of some of my more technically aware colleagues and I'm relishing the opportunity to talk "geek" which is something of a rarity for me of late.

The problem they have to resolve is a fairly knotty one compounded by historic details that all must have "seemed like a good idea at the time" and now serve only to make our lives difficult and costly. I need to do more of this stuff - it's actually interesting, but there goes my peg/hole issue again.

In other news.... Day off tomorrow, which is a result. I'm doing very well for four day weeks lately. I actually have surpassed myself next week having planned a three day week at the last minute. This is a necessary plan though, with things that have to be done. Specifically next Friday will be a visit to hospital with daughter for an op. She's understandably concerned, as is Mrs G. I have to play the brave father figure and remind them that there's nothing to worry about and it will all be fine. If I'm honest, even I'm concerned, but then I wouldn't be human if I wasn't and I do know that in my heart of hearts that there's nothing to worry about and that everything really *will* be just fine.