Biggin it up to the Torquay massive

Friday and a day off. Some well earned rest you might think? but no. None of that.  I'm off down to Torquay with the lads to play golf.  Well actually, we're going for a quick game this afternoon, a few sherbert's this evening and a playing proper competition game of golf tomorrow morning. This will be followed by a few more sherbert's tomorrow evening and a trundle back up country on Sunday. At least that's the plan.

I Love Torquay Party Decoration NecktieBlogwise, you can expect updates but I can't guarantee when exactly.  I have some short blocks of free space at various times, so I'll do what I can.  It's not that I can't blog while I'm on the road (I've done that plenty of times before). It's just that it does require some thought, which will be tough, what with all the shenanigans that'll be going on.

Who knows, we might be lucky enough to come back with a stick of rock or an I <3 Torquay tie. Wouldn't that be nice. However, to begin with we have to put up with S and his amazing dis-organisational skills. Meaning we're probably going to end up staying in Fawlty Towers. I hear they have a Spanish waiter and that you shouldn't mention the war. I mean, I did once, but I think I got away with it.

Ultimately, anything could happen in the next 24 hours.... Wish me luck - I'll need it.