Did I dream this....?

Glad to say that Inception really is all it's cracked up to be. Far better than I'd anticipated and will now happily sit well inside my top 100 (coming soon) and deservedly so. Some particularly clever bits of plot (that I can't go into yet for fear of providing spoilers) and an ingenious underlying concept serve to make this the must see movie of the year (so far). On top of which the special effects, many of which are practical rather than digital, I understand, are awesome. A thoroughly enjoyable 2 and a half hours. Highly recommended.

This leads me to the next piece of visual entertainment for yesterday - that of Sherlock on the BBC. As I ranted last week, it's a great piece of crime/drama/comedy/SomethingSlightlyIndefinable. Some great television and something that all involved with should be rightly proud of. Fully expecting a reveal of the dreaded Moriarty next Sunday, but then again you never know; anything could happen.

Being a new production for the beeb it was also transmitted on the BBC HD channel although not at the same time as on BBC1 (which is the usual practice with their HD content). The reason being that the were also transmitting the European Athletics Championships (also in HD) thus pushing Sherlock back an hour in the schedules.

This made for some very entertaining sport and both son and I were both extremely pleased to see the British team perform so well given that they only have two years left (almost to the day) until the London 2012 Olympics. Things seem to be on track and this was reinforced by our 3rd place in the EU medals table just behind France who in turn trailed behind the ever dominant Russia. Regardless, as a team it was a superb performance and one or two individuals have been exceptional over the last few days.

In particular this evening, it was thrilling to see the 4 x 400m relay team grab a Silver medal after Martyn Rooney's run in the last leg moved us up from 4th. Just a shame we lost to the Russians - but this is good experience. I'm not sure, but I think Martyn could well be Wayne's slimmer, fitter and more-dedicated-to-his-sport, younger brother. ;-) Who knew ?

Here's to hoping it's not all a dream and that we stay home with a clutch of medals in about 730-odd days time.