Geolocating with Samy Kamkar... Uh Oh.

This would be scarey wouldn't it...

  • You Visit a website - you don't fill in any forms, just browse
  • The Website owner knocks on your front door

Is that even possible?   You betcha....  basically it's like this:

  • You visit a website
  • The website pokes at your network to find your Broadband router
  • Once it finds your router, if finds your MAC address
  • Once it finds your MAC address is can query Google's Streetview database and that will give you the triangulated coordinates...... in his example to within 30 feet!!!!!!

Be afraid.... be very afraid....


  1. Anonymous3:56 pm

    So, this affects those who have wi-fi ON and are scanned during the google streetview progress and who have a vulnerable router.

    Therefore, a fix would be to fabricate a MAC address instead of the original (the streetview obtained) one.

    Some routers have this option, either through official or alternative firmware.

    on UK's O2 LLU, the MAC address can be different without affecting the ADSL connection, but I don't know if all ISP's allow/will allow this in the future.

  2. That's about the size of it.


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