Miss Campbell's Nuggets on Jeremy Kyle ?

It's another beautiful day at the office. Just at a shame it has to be wasted by being *in* the office. Still, I'm over half way through my week, with just tomorrow to go. Bliss.  As I eluded earlier in the week though, this just means I'm stupid busy trying to get everything sorted out - all for the sake of one day off - it's ridiculous.

Long and the short of this means I'm not getting much time to write anything particularly interesting (or otherwise) in here today.  I will however, share two interesting things I've had highlighted to me. One to make you smile and one to make you go.. "Ooo...  geeekey...."

Smiling.   Try following this buffon on twitter:  @TrendingTales claims to be the "True Tales behind the Tweeted Trends in less than 140 Chars... Oh, wait... mostly True".  Quite funny on occasion. A couple of my favourites:

UK:Steven Gerrard & Simon Amstell fighting over Naomi Campbell 's Chicken Nuggets on the Jeremy Kyle show. I'd Rather have a BigMac.

LDN: #LiesIToldMyParents Amsterdam soccer festival kicks off today with Scotland v Brighton at the Covent Garden Pride stadium at 3pm GMT.

But there's loads more. They're taking the list of current regional trends from each Twitter region and trying to write a short story with them. Clever stuff - sort of... Have a look for yourself.

Now for that thing that'll make you go "Ooo... Geeekey..."

There is some proper nerdy use of a laser. I love it.

Ta ra.