Making a recovery is something that gets harder as you get older.  Clearly I had a BIG weekend and so some recovery is to be expected. Sadly this took almost all of Sunday, which really isn't a nice place to be. Mrs G cooked a stupendous roast beef dinner and it was all I could do to eat it. It was glorious, but my energy levels were beyond low.  For your entertainment - a very quick summary of events...

Friday a trip down to Dainton Park Golf Club for a game with S&J. One of the nicer golf courses in the country (although there are well over 7,500 to chose from) it's a stunning spot, with some beautiful holes and we were blessed with wonderfully warm weather.

And actually the golf was quite good too.  I'm not a particularly accomplished golfer, which is odd considering my names GolfyBall, but then again, I do enjoy a game even if it's very frustrating at times.  Here's my Dainton Park scorecard thanks to Golfshot GPS.  And yes, you guessed it... It's another fine app for the iPhone.

In fact, it's such a good app, that I happen to know a couple of people that have bought iPhones for the sole purpose of being able to use this app to track their golf scores and statistics.   You can find out all about it at While it's costs a few pounds, for under twenty quid, you really can't get a better system. The app provides you with high quality aerial views of each hole (similar to what you'd see in Google Maps or Google Earth) and it overlays GPS data on them so that you can see how far you are from the pin or the tee at any given moment.  This helps you with club selection and understanding the location of hazards on each hole.

Once you finish the hole you record how many shots you took, which club you used to drive with and how many putts you took. On completion of the round, the app uploads your scorecard onto the server and you instantly have stats for every game you've played. And on top of that, they are beautifully presented, so even if you've played an appalling round, at least the record of it looks good.  Highly recommended.

Well - from Dainton Park we trekked over to Torquay to meet up with a few of the rest of the lads.  A couple of beers, a wash and brush up and then into to Torquay proper for a couple more beers and onwards into the night.

Saturday morning saw us trying to make an early start to get over to Teign Valley Golf Course for the official match with all 12 of us. Not quite such a nice a course as Dainton Park, but still pleasant enough.  Sadly the weather and the traffic were against us all though.  By the time we were due to set out, we were still two men down due to the M5 and the school holidays no doubt and it was drizzling.  Golf in the rain just doesn't hold the same appeal for me, so I was expecting a disastrous 4 hours. I couldn't have been more wrong in my wrongness.

I had a cracking round (one of my best) which I appreciate isn't saying much, but it did leave me in second place overall - so I was very pleased.  A low scoring game for everyone really - and I suspect that the drinks on the evening before had something to do with that.  I felt fine :-)

Post match we followed a similar routine to Friday night only this time there was more of us. All good fun, but as I said, recovering is a slower process when your older. It's a sad fact.  This all leads up to Monday morning which came as quite a surprise for me.  To the point that I'd actually forgotten that I had to be at a Starfleet office by 10am... so I woke up with a bit of a start at 7am and then in a blind panic until I got on the road.

The Starfleet meeting was not fun either. In fact, far from it and just keep bringing me back round to the same old "Online Jobbing" questions that I mentioned last week. I am very close to the point where I have to do something about this situation. In the words of the dude "This aggression will not". I've started to make proper noises now. A recovery is needed.