Singing in the rain and Happy Birthday

Pretty much as expected, the lawn did not get mown due to the down pouring of rain. Not that this is necessarily a bad thing. The grass that we refer to as a lawn, has been quite parched of late and was in desperate need of a good drenching. The problem is though, that while it was looking brownish it was still harbouring growth, and now with added rainwater it's had a dramatic spurt over the last few days to the point that it's become a green and luscious mop of a lawn, badly in need of a trim and blow dry. All good things come to mows who wait. Forecast is much better for today.

I did however find time to acquire the requisite items for the forthcoming day of birth celebrations and a new set of paintbrushes to crack on with glossing where needed.

With such humidity as this it was a pleasure to lie on the carpet gently pulling the gloss along the woodwork with the patio doors wide open to enjoy the breeze made by the falling rain. Have to be careful not to let it in mind, water and gloss are not good bedfellows. A rewarding if slightly boring task when all is said and done.

With that job out of the way there really wasn't much enthusiasm to be rushing around anywhere, especially given the temperature, so instead, a cup of tea, biscuits and a movie - just like a rainy Sunday afternoon - but on a Saturday!! Bonus.

So, out on DVD this week..... "Clash of the Titans". Not the old 1981 version full of Ray Harryhausen animations (which were incredible in their day - and still are today) but an all new version with CGI giant Scorpions, Pegasus' (or is that pegasi?), flying skeletal demons, Medusa and of course the Kraken! Very nicely done if you enjoy the odd swords and sandals fantasy adventure. The question us, did it need to be done? Having been done already and considered by many to be complete.

As it turns out, I think it did. It's made it accessible to a new generation of movie goers and the story continues to hold up centuries after it was written. Strong performances from Ralph Fiennes, Liam Neeson & Sam Worthington help it along even if at times it feels a little like 'Lord of the Rings Lite'. Looks like it was filmed in Scotland (mountains), Wales (slate mines) and some random Persian desserts that could just as easily be a gravel quarry in Essex.

One thing I'd forgotten is the name of the city that the Kraken attacks unless princess Andromeda (strain) is sacrificed. Luckily I had a pencil to hand and made a note of item number 422/9849, the £9.97 liquidiser, which seems ideal for turning the Titan into a smoothie. Reckon that makes me' an Argonaut?

And so to my X-Factor avoidance tactic of taking Mrs G to the pub for dinner. This is a genius plan because it means we'll miss it and not get addicted thus ensuring that we have available Saturdays from now until Christmas. What I hadn't factored in though was the possibility that daughter might want to watch it. Sure enough and true to form a text message from the working daughter arrives to say 'Please record X-Factor and don't watch it without me' .... The best laid plans. ...

Of course you'd think that this wouldn't be a problem because she can watch it on her own without us. For some reason it just never works out like that does it?

Naturally Mrs G and I are both deafened by the fact that daughter is happy to spend time with us - (I mean most kids are embarrassed to spend time with their parents) so for that privilege even I can put up with the X-Factor and that bleeding Simon Cowell/Cheryl Cole evil combo...

...and for the record, it didn't disappoint. It truly is worse than it ever has been so far. What I found most disturbing was the frequent and obvious use of AutoTune throughout the show. What the he'll is all that about? Surely if it's an audition, then what you hear us what you get. From that display, it appears that what you get it what the producers want you to hear... I have a recollection of ITV running into a spot of bother for fixing a game show or two before. I have a feeling there's a lot more script writing and post production work going on on TXF than there probably should be.

On the plus side, I might just manage to auto-tune out after all. At least until Christmas.

But for today....
Happy Birthday Mrs G. All my love, Mr G.