Thrash Metal Garage Band (IDBBI)

One of the more attractive reasons to work from home is the peace and quiet. Helps you remain focused (something I've been struggling with since rejecting the weed) and generally makes the really tough parts of your work seem far more bearable given that you're not under pressure to be wearing the right suit and/or tie as well as getting the job done.

That is until your neighbours decide their going to start up a Thrash Metal Garage Band and practice all feckin' day long!!

Don't get me wrong, I love a bit of live music. I play piano to a fashion (70's flares most likely), like a bit of a sing song and have hung out with one or two movers in the music industry (in their time) and even one or two non-movers as well. I'm all for raw talent getting out there and playing to the masses. Fantastic stuff. The problem is that all these people have to start somewhere, and practice. And practice means they have to play the same thing over and over and over and over and over and over..... you get the picture. Worse still, it's not some serene tune floating on the breeze - oh no - perish the thought. It has to be Thrash Death Metal Noise!!!! ARRGGGRAHHHAHHGHHH!

Sat in my office, which is usually such a pleasure that I don't mind the work - all I could hear yesterday was Thumping Drums and a Twangy lead guitar playing the same eight bars over and over again. After 3 hours you'd have thought they'd have the hang of it...

All this racket just left my focus, doubly out of focus if you get my drift. Oh My God, that's it. I've finally turned into an officially grumpy old man. The first sign of someone slightly younger than me having a good time and I'm at 'em with a broom screaming "I down't bludy beleavee it!!"

And speaking of 'not bloody believing things'.... Google Wave, which was Google's next big thing just over a year ago has sadly come to naught. As a result the men of coloured letters are going to switch it off:

It's sad when something as technologically innovative as this doesn't get the support or users to generate the head of steam to propel it into the mainstream, but it seems obvious to me that while it had a couple of whistles and bells it was just an over complicated version of chat and the bulk of users failed to find it useful. Sad but true.

One can only hope that they pull some of that tech into 'Google Me' or whatever it may or may not be called, assuming it does exist. I mean, I don't mean to be a facebook basher, but when I read farmville takes up 15% of the 500million people's time - well, I don't bloody believe it!


  1. Wave was unfortunately - pants. It lacked intuitive navigation, it was hard to find even if you already had a google account, and you needed everyone to be online at the same time in order for it to be of any real value.

    All of the things that wave set out to achieve is far easier to do on a social network system like Facebook. Or - a simple blog.

    Groupware will come of age one day - but I've yet to see it.


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