Back to the Future

When I say the future, I'm referring to the 1980's and not the future at all, but it's still all about time travel and going back and checking it out. Perhaps not straight back to the 80's, after all those of us that were there are 20 years older (actually that's almost 30 years older now -Ed)

1984 was the year and Howard Jones was the man with his Debut Album "Human's Lib" reaching the number 1 UK spot, carried 4 hit singles and has gone on to have sales in excess of 600,000. 12 months later and he followed it up with "Dream Into Action" in the number 2 spot and a further 5 hit singles. It's a pair of albums that defines a part of the 1980's (There are many many more mind you) and it's this music that introduced me to Howard Jones, keyboard maestro. If they're not in your collection go and buy them now, a bargain less than 8 quid each on iTunes.

2010 and Mr Jones is playing an Acoustic Tour to promote "Ordinary Hero's" on our doorstep at Gloucester Guildhall.  It's a small intimate venue with a maximum of 300 people. I'm pleased to report he's still got it.

November the 6th see's him playing both of his 80's defining albums at the O2 Indigo for a special one off gig. Initially this annoyed me intensely, because it turns out that after all his faffing around this is the day that Triple B has finally got planned for the next AGS quarterly (A game of Golf if you were wondering). It's a tough choice, and actually the AGS is a regular thing, whereas HoJo playing his first two albums live, will probably never happen again. You see my dilema?  

Sadly, I've made my choice and the lads at the golf are going to be extremely disappointed when I tell them that I will still be at the game.  I'd love to be able to do it all, but like the man says - "Don't try to live your life in one day". 

Download now or watch on posterous
Life_In_one_Day.MOV (25990 KB)
I'm consoling myself with the knowledge that there will new remastered releases of the two albums, and I've got my fingers crossed for a DVD/Blue Ray of the show.

Back on the bikes today to wring the absolute most out of the last of the summer sunshine.


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