Holidays are coming...

Unlike everyone else, I have yet to have had a holiday (in the true sense of the word) this year. But have no fear, it's just around the corner. Well, when I say just, I mean at the end of the week.  I've still got to get there yet though.

I've had some interesting stuff across my desk in the last week or so, one of which will be a big Starfleet noise before the week is out. Can't say too much just yet, but expect to hears something on Thursday if not before. One thing I have learned though is the one thing that I seem to consistenly forget. Starfleet is big.  

No, wait... It's bigger than that.  Think of something really big, and then double it up and you're almost half way there. Seriously, it's (as the kids would say) "stupidly big". The trouble is, I spend a large portion of my time in a small part of it, and so I lose sight of the bigger universe. I forget that we have outposts all over the planet, many of which do some very interesting work. Of course, interesting is all relative and compared to what I do, it's fascinating. As I've mentioned previously, it's this that needs to change. I've become stagnant. Stuck in the mud, In the rut, in a hole and I'm struggling to find the right way out. 

I can't take all the blame for it, as I've also said elsewhere, I probably never should got into this role in the first place, but that's the way it's been..... and like I said, Starfleet is big!  So big in fact, that during some recent exploration of it, I've stumbled upon a group who are doing something really really interesting (don't forget it's all relative, so you're quite likely not going to agree with my new found level of enthusiasm, or even the use of the word interesting) which is helping to renew my faith in the larger works of the business and may have shown me a glint of a hint of the light at the end of the tunnel.

As a result, I'm devouring every scrap of information concerning their work that I stumble upon (Research is another of my pet loves) in preparation for something in that direction. I know that's a little opaque, but for the time being that is how it should be. Rest assured, if and when things come to pass, you, dear reader will be at least the third person to hear about it.  Equally if they don't. Afterall, you are my vent and shoulder to cry on all in one. I should add, that this service you provide does not go un-noticed (even if it does go financially un-rewarded - thems the breaks - Ed) and that I owe a great debt of gratitude for reading this guff and occasionally making me realise that there is life beyond the fleet.

Tomorrow sees me at one of those rarities - a Starfleet internal conference. It's schedluled to be filled with all manner of newsy items and at least one peddled message that I'll have heard before I'm sure....  Time will tell for certain though.

Until then, I bid you adieu dear reader. Goodnight.

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