A list of jobs

Well, I'm on holiday, but I've still got a list of things to get done which is as long as your arm, and I can think of plenty more to add to it.

  1. Expenses (didn't get a chance to get these sorted yesterday)
  2. Paitwork touching up - various locations
  3. Haircut
  4. Hoovering (really???  I'm on holiday!!) :-)
  5. eBaying some items for the iPad fund
  6. Shredding
  7. Bed dissassembly and reassembly
  8. Garage Clearout
  9. Re-Installation of the hardtop on the car ready for the winter
  10. General tidying up of stuff 

That's more than enough isn't it?  I'd quite like some time to do nothing at all. The haircut is a good one. Means I can get out on the bike, so perhaps I'll do that second. Got to dash. Need to get those expenses sorted before the glorious sunshine changes into rain, or I won't be cycling anywhere.

Hope you're busy...


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