Of Rabbits & Rowing

Trundle, trundle, trundle.... This is the only real downside to working from home (or in my case underneath a roundabout covered in Rabbits). Occasionally I have to drive somewhere and today is one of those occasions. I'm not complaining as it goes. It will be nice to catch up with some of my fellow Starfleet miners and gives us all the chance to hear the latest gossip and moan about whatever takes our fancy.

Today's gathering will be in Hampshire - so a good couple of hours drive from Gloucestershire which will give me the opportunity to catchup on my podcasts. As it turns out, 2 hours (or 4 if you count the journey back as well) may not be quite enough time.

Since the good Doctor's (Kermode & Mayo) Friday afternoon 'Wittertainment' show stretched out to 2 hours it's become quite a mission to keep up with it. (If you're slightly interested in films and you don't know what this us, you absolutely must go and listen to it here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/kermode ) Occasionally on a Friday I can have the radio on and hear them live, but this really is a special treat as more often than not someone wants to spend the afternoon on the phone. I know!! What are they thinking!!?!

Of course having the iPhone running through the car stereo means you can change the playback speed to 2x thus magically compressing time. This isn't always perfect, mostly because Dr K is well known for talking at speed, so talking at double speed can be hard to understand, but it certainly helps plough through it.  

The other factor is that of Boyd Hilton.  Don't get me wrong, I do like him. He's even twittered me in response to some of my abuse in the past, but with all the will in the world, he's just not the two Dr's. He is the Editor of Heat magazine, a TV & book reviewer on BBC Radio Five Live but not, as far as I know, any relation to Paris Hilton, which is a stroke of luck for him. You can follow him on Twitter: @boydhilton 

...... Time Passes  .....

And here I am back in the warren having had, what ended up being a very productive day. I was a little late due to the chaos that is the M4 corridor of a working morning, but we soon got down to business ably led by our non-blogging chairman for the day.  He's very good at keeping us in control - but then he is the coxwain - as long as he's listening ;-) Very much like this....

And today is Thursday - so WTC outing arranged and it's off to Chelter's for a jar this evening.

Fun times.

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