On Joining a Biker Gang

At last it's Thursday, which this week, for me, is actually a Friday. Finally I get to have a proper break, and god knows I need it. I am shattered.

Starting tomorrow and running until a week next Tuesday I can have a lie in every day if I feel like it. No conference calls, no email, no thinking heavy thoughts, just drifting about on holiday. Things never work out like that of course, and I can fully expect to be flat out busy with stuff to do the entire time. There are a couple of highlights though.

I've invested in a couple of pushbikes for Mrs G and I so if there's some dry weather we'll be out and about on those.  Daughter and I tested them last night and to be fair, this morning I'm finding sitting down rater a challenge. This is only to be expected as I haven't had a bike since I left home in 1990. It's a short term pain though and for plenty of gain. I'm long over due some more regular exercise and cycling seems like the perfect fit. We do walk a lot, but that's far more leisurely and probably doesn't get the ticker ticking quite so readily.

This all means I have plenty to do today in preparation for my absenteeism. Handover documents are to be prepared and shared and all manner of geeky things need to be caught up with.  My RSS feed is once again out of control, leading me to think it may just need pruning for future use as I've got too much in it. On the other hand, it may just need more of my time to keep up with it. Secretly, I think "Flipboard" may be my answer, but that requires an iPad and with rumours of the next generation appearing in time for Christmas, I'm going to have to start saving spare pennies towards the cause.



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