Posterous is my new Wordpress is my new Blogspot.

I know that sounds complicated but it really isn't. I've been using Blogspot, over at for a few years, and this year I've really been using it. Those of you that have been following since the dawn of my blogging will know I started out trying to write 750 Words every day because of Well, I don't use any more, I just write and to be honest it could be anywhere. On the train, at home, in the office, on my phone, literally anywhere. The problem with this has been that because I use blogspot as my main blog, I have to be online or using an offline editor and copying and pasting. And the offline tools are good, but not always what I want.
Furthermore, I had a test out on as well. I really like it over there, but the editor sucks. So for the last month or so, I've been writing on blogspot, heading over to wordpress and importing what I've just written into there and then if I want to tell the world about it, posting a link on twitter to the blogspot entry. Now that is a Faff!!
Well - No More. The time has come (the Walrus said) to sort this bleeding mess out, and I've found just the tool for the job. So welcome and may I be the first to declare this "Posterous" blog, well and truly open. God bless her and all who sail in her. Now for those of you on Blogspot and considering a move, or even those of you in the sticky situation that I managed to get myself into (with multiple blogs and different groups of readers on each) let me just guide you through the process and re-assure you of it's safety.
Our three big friends in the Posterous world are "eMail", "Import" and "Autopost". These are the features that swayed my decision to up sticks and move in the end. Let me start with eMail.
We all know how eMail works. You write a message (just like a letter). You address it to whoever you're sending it to and you press send. Magic happens and it arrives with the person you addressed it to. Very easy. Posterous does have a text editor, but the logic is that for post entries you have an email address. Creating a new entry for your site is a simple as sending an email. You write the message and send it to The message appears as you new blog entry. Simples.
Moving your blog from where-ever you keep it today couldn't be easier, and posterous supports all the big names. Ning, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, LiveJournal. Flickr... you name it, they've probably got it and they're always adding more. It's literally just a couple of clicks and the job is done.
This is the jewel in the crown for me. I write one post in an email and send it to the posterous address and the entry crops up on my blogspot blog, my wordpress blog and twitter gives it a shout out too. In fact, I can send it to loads of other places as well, meaning it will get maximum daylight - assuming anybody actually reads any of the drivel that I write in the first place. You can also pick and choose what gets sent where by using different email addresses So for example, if I wanted to just send something to twitter, I'd use or if I wanted to post and entry on twitter and posterous I'd send it to Clever stuff.
It's not 100% perfect and I'm still figuring out a couple of kinks. For example, some email editors embed url's automatically and some don't, but it's just a case of knowing how each of them behave. Overall it does serve my needs well and I'm looking forward to many happy posts in the future.
Check it out yourself.

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