A proper quiet Sunday

Zip, nada, nowt, nothing, zero. That was the plan for today yesterday and it seems to have worked out quite well so far.

Mrs G and I did manage to do some constructive stuff. We had a walk into the city and selected a nice present fir Son's birthday later in the week. Mooched around the shops and the quays.

Maybe it was the weather, or maybe it was the fact that they'd all been out celebrating Gloucester day yesterday, but for some reason the Quays once again seemed almost deserted. I'm sure attracting people out there is a challenge (they've been very heavily advertising it since it opened last year) but the whole mission is being hampered by the work that the council are undertaking to improve the route from the city centre out to the docks. All pedestrianised means the whole place has been dug up and just looks like a bit of a mess at the moment.

After our trip to Cabot Circus yesterday, the quays doesn't look particularly appetising, but I do have faith that it's image will improve once the works complete, probably just in time for Christmas. Daughter has suggested we have another trip to the Circus for dinner fir Son's birthday. There are plenty of nice eateries down there, and it's not far, so I think it'll make a nice change.

Chicken for dinner. Not the full roast, but with roast potatoes so gorgeous all the same. And to wrap up, a good bit of TV drama in the form on "U Be Dead" on ITV. I was wholly disappointed to begin with. This is what happens after you miss the first 5 minutes of anything like this. I was waiting for the twist all the way through the third act, and it wasn't forthcoming. It really was just a straight forward case. She did it. End of... So I'm sat there thinking.. what!? How does this make decent drama? Meanwhile Mrs G and daughter are praising it left, right & centre. I'm confused.... And then, as the end titles role, it dawns on me that it was a non-fiction work. D'oh!! I'd missed the magic "Based on a true story" at the beginning. ( http://www.itv.com/dramapremieres/ubedead/ )

So what I've learnt is that a twisted proper whodunnit is never - ever - ever based on a true story and that in real life, the suspects are usually the one's what done it and don't have some convoluted plot (such as the one's I was imagining) to get them off the hook and someone else on it.

Back to work - ta ra...

One last thing....

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