Sweating Beer? - Which was nice....

Yesterday was an energetic day of sorts. We were awoken by the sounds of daughter taking her car to the garage for it's MOT and so I was up and at coffee/tea making duties while Mrs G arose. She was off to see S for general chinwagging and catching upness while I was destined to live a day of domesticity. Ho hum.

Now anyone who knows me would know that I can't say that that's my favourite way to spend a day off, so as soon as I'd got the worst of the little jobs out of the way (namely hovering and dishwashering) I decided a ride on the bike out to Tesco's to recycle beer & coke cans would be far healthier.

It was son's birthday a week or so ago and he'd had a crowd of lads round to help him celebrate before they went off into town. In the best tradition of lads having a birthday bash much beer was flowing, along with the odd shot of absinthe, so a good time was had by them all (at least until the morning). This inevitably left a large pile of beer cans.

What I love the most about recycling beer cans is the smell of stale beer. Better yet is the feeling you get when the contents of half a can if old stale beer trickles from a backpack and down your back while you're riding along so that you too, end up reeking of the stuff. I have explained to son in the past that a) eating is cheating and b) dumping means doubles next round, both of which are excellent rules for any serious drinker to adhere to. However, it would seem that he's not managed to get the message across to some of his mates - unless of course they were actually planning on drinking doubles in the next round.

I did get a rather funny look from the woman in the newsagents where I stopped to pickup a bottle if water. I think she thought I'd been drinking... But then it was 10am so anything's possible.

WTC (look it up in the blog if you don't know what it is) was almost cancelled due to the inability of anyone to get themselves to the pub. Luckily S and myself managed to hold up the tradition ably assisted by special guests in the form of Mrs G and Daughter. We took a trip to the @NorwoodArms and partook of some dinner (Two meals for a tenner. Get 'em while they're 'ot!!) and had a bash at the quiz. Something we used to do every week, but of course this year we've had the 52 pub challenge (which is fairing reasonably well considering how difficult it is to get a bunch of blokes to agree on anything let alone which pub they should be visiting this week) to keep us travelling. Judging by the quiz results we're well out of practice.

Today is dedicated to clearing out the garage, and re-roofing the car which means Autumn must be here now. It's also dedicated to the consistently awesome Ordinary Hero Mr @HowardJones.

I've long been a fan of HoJo from my 80's teen years and seen him play live three or four times. He's always note perfect and its almost entirely his fault that I play the piano (albeit badly). I probably should have had lessons :-). This is an acoustic tour for the "Ordinary Hero's" album which involves him chatting and playing the album tracks as well as some of the old 80's tracks. It's a great album but don't expect heavy pop. Lots of inspirational piano & vocal with the odd drum. A work of art. Thoroughly recommended. You can get it on iTunes here or why not try out his 3D iCD at http://3DiCD.com/4 where you can hear the entire album for free. Try before you buy. He's always been very cutting edge like that.

If you're looking for more HoJo news, follow him on twitter (@HowardJones) and keep an eye on his website at http://www.howardjones.com/

That's it for today. Happy Friday. Oh and did I mention I won't be back at work on Monday? One more day, just one more day, to make it feel like a proper holiday. Back on Tuesday though. Unless I win the lottery. Or have a sensible conversation with Stretch.  

I swear Scott Adams is watching me... Dilbert.com

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