Thorne in my side

Can't talk now as movement is painful. 11 and half miles doesn't sound like far and at the time didn't feel like far. My legs beg to differ.

Not that I'm a glutton for punishment or anything but both Mrs G and I are getting on it again today. It's time for a replacement Wok so that will be one of today's missions. Then there's the Sunday papers to consider. Some sort of decision has to be arrived at vis a vis lunch. The lawn is ready for another mowing and I believe there are still some movies to catch up with that I might be able to fit in around the Grand Prix somehow. Daughter has to work and son will be watching the Grand Prix on the BBC. For the life of me I don't understand why the FIA feed isn't in HD. But that's a TV rant for another post.

Haven't really been doing much TV this week and yet the week as pissadeared in the blink of an eye it would seem. I know though that this is because I've had the week off, which means I've been having fun, which means time flies. Sad but true. I did have the foresight to take Monday off as well though, so the pain is approaching at platform 2 but I've got some leaves on the line which will make it ever so slightly late.

On the subject of television there is an interesting Drama coming to Sky 1 (also available in HD - and very good it looks too) called "Thorne" and starring British acting mainstay Mr David Morrisey. Sky run an ad for it every 20 minutes or so I think, but all it ever says is coming soon. Drives me nuts. All I want to do is set the Sky+ to record it and then I can get on with my life until I want to watch it. And so it was to this end that I fired a tweet at Mr Morrissey asking if he knew when he be on the telly. As is the way with Twitter I fully expected to be ignored because let's face it, Celebs and the like are busy too.

It's not just lying around in yachts in the sun all day you know. They don't just waltz in and out of flash restaurants and casinos avoiding the paparazzi every waking minute. Some of them have to put the bins out..... because good staff are hard to come by.

I jest, and of course I'm not suggesting for a second that Mr Morrissey lives like that. Well, at least not ALL the time :-) and so it was with some delight that I received a prompt reply from him stating 'he thinks it's on the 10th October, but they never tell him anything'

How nice to be recognised as someone deserving of an answer and not just another of the hoard. Call me a sell-out if you like, but I'm happy to have helped Mr M with his contractual promotional activities. Probably....

In all honesty, I believe he was just being what he is. A genuinely nice bloke who's a damn good actor and is happy to help out a fellow human being in need of an answer that he could provide. Never would have happened in the old days, and that, in a nutshell is what makes Twitter awesome.

If you're looking for more, there's some stuff here: and here: and now I'm looking there's some nice background to be read here:

While I'm Wok shopping I think I'll keep an eye out for one of Mr Billingham's books, after all that's what a good consumer should do. ;-) Fun times.

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