What I Learned Today

A very long but very interesting day all told. Text messaging with Malaria. Virtual Organic Farms (Servers not pigs, sheep & crops). Computational Fluid Dynamics. Embarrassingly parallel codes. Nano fibre. DNA Transistors. Nano this and nano that. SKA (radio astronomy) data storage. Fuel management solutions.

It takes get togethers like this to reinforce how great Starfleet really are. And on that subject, I think it's time I came clean about the true identity of them.

You may recall that I chose to refer to my employer as Starfleet to protect their identity and mine, but having given this some deeper thought of late, I've reached the conclusion that this really doesn't matter. In fact, if anything, it makes me less believable from your point of view. So, to reassure you that I am a real person with a real job in a large technology company in the early 21st century and shall reveal my employers identity.

In the mean time feel free to have a guess in the comments.....

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  1. Do Burger King have DNA transistors? Maybe they do! But in connection to your Burger King, did you invent the Cheese Slice?

    Maybe it is Woolworths?

  2. The tension is killing me! I am now going to have to read your blog the same day you post it and not just a week later! :-)

  3. Er,,, that may make life a little "tense" for others who work at Starfleet and limit what they can say (or have said over many years).

  4. Fear not, said he, for mighty dread had seized their troubled minds....
    I love Burger King and wouldn't want to say a bad word against it.



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