Beavering, Banqueting & Bicycling

It's been one of those weeks at starfleet. My brain has been well and truly frazzled with yet more changes to the way things are done and in fact the total dissolution of the department that I work in. One has to wonder if 'they' know what they're doing.

I fully understand that change is a necessity and without it your business will stagnate and die, but that doesn't mean it has to be constant and in my opinion if you don't stop and look occasionally, you'll miss the vista.

That said, in Microsoft's case, 'missing the vista' might have been just the right thing to do. A shockingly poor OS. I digress.

I'm not over concerned. I have secured a new position within this vast and complex borganisation (see what I did there? Apologies to fans of the original series) and I'm looking forward to the challenges that will bring, all be it not until next January.

Having fixed my destiny, I've been focused on the current workload hence my appalling lack of blogging. I did micro blog for those of you that twatter, (as some call it) but only in the sense that I shared some of the more interesting tech news.

Now that Friday has arrived, the pace has abated somewhat, not least because both Mrs G and I have yet another day off. The Scottish contingent are on their way back up north from their trip to the south and are having a stop over at mother-in-laws en route and so we've parked the working week to enjoy their rare company.

To this end we're all getting together for what promises to be an entertaining cotswold pub lunch. There's a little boozer tucked away in a village behind a steep hill and through some dense woods not very far from the rabbit warren and this is to be our destination. Part driven to, part rambled to, we shall make our way through the autumnal semi frosted fields and woods to the sanctity of a warm and inviting open fireside for steak sandwiches or a ploughman's lunch or something similar. (the ploughman will be livid -Ed). Pictures to follow.

I know not what the rest of the weekend has in store, but that's the best sort of weekend there is. As long as there's no 'crashing & burning' like last weekend, I'll be perfectly happy.

A final passage of note on the subject of bicycling. Regular readers will know I recently purchased bicycles for Mrs G and I on the premise that we'd use them to get back into shape after two very slovenly summers. I'm thoroughly enjoying the process, Mrs G less so, and so it was with this in mind that the arrival of an email from France has given me something intriguing to strive for.

A good friend of mine (let's call him Bart to preserve his identity) lives 'sur la continent' and has suggested that he and I and a few others might try to cycle from London to Paris next October. Initially I was sceptical. Now I am relishing the idea. Obviously it will require France to still exist and allow other europeans entrance. Watching the news this week, the place looks like its about to spontaneously combust. But that's the French for you.

This also means however that I have a lot of work to do between now and then. I'll try not to blather on about it too much, but expect regular updates on the subject in the coming months.

I do love a challenge - especially one that involves beer and cheese (or wine & meat)

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