Crashing and Burning

An eventful Saturday, but not a particularly well planned one. In all honesty when I awoke I was all set to spend the day at the races with Mrs G..... except.....

Mrs G had a hair appointment and was meeting the girls for lunch. This in itself wasn't a problem but it was also Dozzers 40th birthday this week and he wanted to go to the Rugby. After a couple of phone calls and a little persuasion I was convinced that the Rugby would be the place to be and that Mrs G would join us later in Chelts.

A truck load of beer, a ridiculous game of Rugby and no food later and I was staggering home unable to continue without some sort of nourishment. A great time was had, but badly planned especially on the food front. Ah well. There's always the XFactor which remains awful.

Crashed and Burned.

In other, more useful news.... Daughter was policing the Rugby and how proud was I to see her keeping the peace. That's the stuff that makes it all worth while. Pleased to report one caution, no arrests.

Autumn has arrived and I've officially run out if reasons not to buy an iPad. More on that very soon.
Night all.

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