Getting away from it all

Really, I despair.  Just because it's half term it seems the company pretty much just shuts down.  How anyone expects to get anything done when everyone's on holiday is in truth, beyond me.  Now that our kids have grown up, Mrs G and I are no longer tied to having to take vacations (to use the Americanism) during school holidays. Clearly this has an up and a down side to it.  The down being I'm struggling to get any meaningful work sorted out, the up being when we go on holiday it doesn't cost the earth and it's usually pleasantly peaceful. Got all that to look forward to next month.

Next week, however, sees the start of Daughter's big adventure Asia, well Thailand to be more precise. She and her friend are going for three weeks holiday and will be staying in what appears to be some very beautiful and yet reasonably priced locations.

I've never been out that way, having spent my travelling time to date in the US and Europe, with a very brief trip into darker parts of Eastern Europe which felt how I expect old mother Russia to feel like. I still want to go though. The Indian ocean, Asia and the Pacific and New Zealand are all places I'd love to visit and plan to when life and finances allow. I'm all too aware that we're only here now, this isn't acpractice run and we don't knowingly get two bites of the cherry, along with a whole host of other cliches designed to remind us that life is for living. Just while I'm digressing - which can be quite an annoying habit (He said, digressing again - Ed (Hang about, isn't this a digression within a digression within a digression? - Ed's Ed (Bloody Hell, nested digressions? It's worse than Innception -Ed))).

Where was I? Oh yes, just while I'm on the subject, my favourite cliche re: life has to be the Shawshank line 'Get busy living or get busy dying'. Beautifully put.

And on that note... Today is cycling into the city for birthday present shopping. Has to be done to work off the splendid curry that Mrs G and I enjoyed in the company of T, Mad S, S&G and C&M (don't you worry about it - I know who they are). I suspect the rest of the weekend will involve suitcases and packing.

Take care.

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