Nothing can beat a day off. A golf club can beat an intruder off, and there are other such word games which sadly, at this time of day, long before the 9pm watershed are unfit for broadcast.

This particular day off is to be filled with golf though. Those of you that know will fully understand that I'm by no means a golfer, but I do play a lot of golf. Not in the sense that I play many games, but in the sense that each game I play is a long one. They're often spent hunting for balls or walking very long distances left to right and right to left while everyone else seems to go in a straight line. What's really odd is that this doesn't really detract from my enjoyment of 'a good walk spoiled'.

What makes it so much fun is who I'm playing with. The banter with this group is second to none. Especially if you're late... Which thanks to the roadworks I am!! Fun times.

Gotta dash. Have a top Friday.

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  1. I think you will find the word is "you're" ;-)


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