MS Office vs Open Office vs iWork

What's going on here?? What are Microsoft actively beating up on Open Office? Do they suddenly see them as some sort of threat ?

Surely, if they're worried about them, then they should be focusing on making their products better, not slagging off the competition. Of course, I'm british which means I have an inherent need to support the underdog, but that's not the reason I'm feeling miffed by this video from MS. It's the way they're just saying OO is simply rubbish.

In my day to day running of things, I use both MS Office and Open Office. They're both very good. But then I haven't used iWork yet. From what I've seen, that's a target that Microsoft should really be worrying about. Apple are clearly making in-roads on MS's territory.
Worse still, I'm really starting to run out of excuses NOT to go and buy an iPad. Dagnabit!!!

MS Word = Pages
MS Excel = Numbers
MS Powerpoint = Keynote

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