The New Inn from the warren and back

And so it was that Mrs G and I managed to lift our weary heads from the depths of the rabbit warren where we rest and cycle into the City to partake of a beverage or two in the very interesting and historical "New Inn"... which actually isn't very new at all.

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It's a beautiful old building located almost in the center of Gloucester. You can tell from looking that it was obviously at one time an original "Coach House". In later years you can see that the frontage has been split up and part of it now houses a travel agents and a watch shop.  Here's what the big plaque on the wall says about it...

The New Inn's Permanent Guests!

It was at the New Inn in 1553 that Lady Jane Grey heard the news that would lead to her untimely death.

She was manipulated by the Duke of Northumberland who had ambitions to rule the country through her. He arranged a marriage for her to his son and pursuaded the 15 year old Edward VI who was dying of tuberculosis to sign a will bequeathing the crown to her.

The young king soon died and it was from the gallery at the New Inn that Lady Jane was proclaimed the new Queen.

It was not long before her cause was weakened as support for her rival Mary escalated throughout the land.

In 1554, Mary, now Queen of England reluctantly passed sentence on her rival and Lady Jane and her husband were beheaded in the Tower of London.

From that century to modern times. there have been many reported sightings of ghostly figures around the premises, along with reports of glasses and botles being moved.

They are believed to be the work of a restless spirit

A Brief History

The New Inn was originally built as a Pilgrims' Inn to house visitors to the Shrine of King Edward II in St.Peter's Abbey. Rebuilt in 1455 it was hugely popular throughout the Middle Ages with a ?? ?? of Kinghts, Yeomen and Gentlemen lodging due to the popularity of holidays in Gloucester at this time.

Various changes through the years have included two small ?? opening into Northgate Street ///... stone flagged courtyards and a ???? lion grasping a serpant symbolising the triumph of good over evil.

In the 16th century, ?? minstrels were popluar and plays were staged in the courtyard - it is said that William Shakespeare once appeared there. The inn boasted the citys first tennis court during tudor times and in the 18th century ?? ?? as a venue for the unusual and bizarre. New additions to the building were added around this time - a ???house and ??.

In 1858 the Inn was bought freehold by the ?? family who owned it until 1942. The New Inn is now part of the ?? Group

We didn't see any ghosts, and neither did we see Shakespeare, but we did enjoy the journey. For those of you wondering though.  The ghost really does exist, and there's even video evidence to prove it. This is from the bar's CCTV system recorded on the evening of the 23rd of May, 2010

Does give you a bit of shiver doesn't it? Having said that, this weather of late as been fantastic, with glorious sunshine and hardly a rain cloud in sight. It'll never last but it did mean the beer wasn't icy cold, but truly wonderful (and not a ridiculous price) as well as consistently good service. Sadly though, we had to be home for Roast Beef & Yorkshires.... not forgetting the rabbits favourites....  carrots...

And now it's Monday.....  P'ah!

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