Some chinaman took them from me in Korea.

I could swear not two minutes ago it was Friday and the weekend hadn't even started yet. But now, I open my eyes to find out it's mid morning on Sunday already and in a matter of hours the working week will be upon us all again. Time most definitely flies when you're having fun, and it would seem, even when you're not.

Saturday morning wasn't a particularly fast start, but things did get done and by about 11 Mrs G had walked into the city to meet her work colleague from her previous job, Daughter had trundled off to work and Son was all set to go to the day's Rugby match at Kingsholm. This left me in the enviable position of being able to do just about whatever I felt like doing. And my choice?? Get on me bike and get all cardio vascular on my ass.... Well lungs actually, but in the parlance of our times and to coin a phase, etc etc, ad infinitum.

Mentally I had the ambitious plan of doing the full on Gloucester-to-Cheltenham-and-back ride. But physically I had other ideas. While my mind was busy writing these cheques that my body couldn't cash, my legs were interrupting the process by screaming at me in agony.

This pain has been brought on by a couple of days of cycling and then literally carrying my youngest nephew up Coopers Hill on Friday. At the time I thought nothing of it, but two miles into my potential 16.4 mile round trip I was getting all too painful reminders which in turn led me to a change of plan. Namely, turn around and take it easy for a day to give the old legs a chance to recover. At least I managed 4 miles which is better than none at all and so the mission to Cheltenham will have to wait for another time.

Things never quite work out how you imagine though, do they? When Mrs G arrived home mid afternoon she announced we needed a short supermarket run to stock up on supplies, not least the wonderful tasting bottle of red wine featured in the following photo.....

I'm sure it would have been fantastic, but I managed to drop it outside our friends house. So the supermarket? Easy enough. But... Son had cautiously parked his car on the drive and then gone off to the Rugby with his car keys. This left the car stranded with no way to get it out. What's particularly entertaining is this all came to light when he rang up to ask for a lift back from the Rugby. Buffoon springs to mind.

Well after a little umming and ahhing Mrs G and I decided we could cycle it in 10 minutes and so my plan of rest went to waste. This has left me aching like the achiest thing that went to the university of aching and got a degree in applied achiness. Not much fun I can tell you.

Still that won't stop me. Oh no. And in fact today Mrs G and I plan a ride to the city center after lunch to partake of at least one beer from the "New Inn Beer Festival". Never was a pub given a more inappropriate name when you learn that it's actually one of the oldest hostelries in the City. I hear they even have some beer left: . Great stuff.

I imagine tomorrow will involve very little leg movement at all. Wish me luck.

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