Who will rid me of the turbulent.... weather ?

After the constant down pouring of yesterday, it's particularly pleasant to wake up to glorious sunshine this morning. But it is all a bit on and off isn't it? Fear not though, for I am not Henry the 2nd and I'm not looking for a bunch of knights to murder anyone by the name of Becket.

On the subject of outlaws, tomorrow we'll be having both the in-laws and out-laws to lunch (not for lunch) and so today will involve some preparation for such a feast. The plan was to cycle to the various vegetable selling locations and purveyors of meat to acquire the necessary accoutrements, but we do have a slight logistical problem vis a vis the bikes.

In her infinite wisdom, daughter chose to cycle to work on Mrs G's bike on Wednesday. Since she arrived we've had constant rain and so she chose to get a lift home instead of cycle. Mrs G's bike is still there locked in a back room. Daughter is fast asleep having been on night duty so we're a one bike family for now. As you can see, the plan has gone awry. Not that it's too disastrous. Instead, Mrs G and I will drive (I know - shameful) on our quest for fresh vegetables & chicken - for that is what it will be.

Other snippets of note ....

S, Z, J & C are popping round for a cuppa this afternoon. Will be nice for Mrs G to meet C, their latest addition and always good to catch up with them. S has reminded me of my quest to see "Outlaw" (2007). A truly awful Danny Dyer film (and anyone who knows anything about film will know what a Danny dyer film is). However, It does have some must see footage for me as it was largely filmed in and around Gloucester and Cheltenham. This is the only reason I want to watch it. I am still expecting it to be "bl**dy rubbish" - This is a well thought out and considered review based on what I know of it so far. I will write something more eloquent once I've watched it.

Very much enjoying "Sleepy Head" (see: here and here for more on that story) and plan to have both that and "Scaredy Cat" finished off by October the 10th.

Also enjoying the Ryder Cup which is taking place just down the road at Celtic Manor. With tickets at £200 a pop, I won't be there, which is a shame as it's so close, it would have been enjoyable, but not this time.

Mrs G will be watching the X-Factor tonight and as hard as I try not to, it's still very much car crash TV. Still, there is something wildly enjoyable about watching it with Twitter running at the same time. That is the future of Television and Social Networking.  If Google TV gets that working properly they will clean up.

If I was on their prod-dev team I'd be insisting on a fully manageable HD desktop environment with all the iGoogle Widgets.... including weather of course - so at least then I'd have half a clue as to how turbulent it's likely to be before I go calling any knights in to sort-it-aaat (as Danny D would say).

Ta ra for now.

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