Now this is a bit weird but one of the oddities of modern communications. I'm sat here in my rapidly cooling house in the dark... Well ok, there's daylight coming in the windows and actually it's a nice bright day, but the power is out.

What's really bizarre though is that without power I'm unable to function in my working role. But I hear you ask, you're still able to write your poxy blog!!

There's a very good reason for that though. Even though my work is carried out entirely online, it's all done over a broadband connection which is maintained by a router which is powered by electrickery. No leccy, no Internet.

However, blog entries can be written on my phone which is connected to the magical Interweb by a 3G connection. While the 3G masts no doubt need power, they appear to be unaffected by the current outage. In fact it appears to be localised to our street and I think I've figured out why.

There's a (what's the right word) group? Number? Ah, no. I have it. There's a buffoonery of builders standing around looking a bit gormless at a building site just off the roundabout. I suspect one of them has broken something they shouldn't have. I called the power company and went through the usual procedures....

A) Have you checked with your neighbours. (Yep- they're out too)
B) If you have a digital meter what does it say? (It's gone blank)
C) Can you reset your trip switches (Yep- OK, Power is still out)
D) Are all your rabbits accounted for? (I checked and they're all snuggled up in the warren, not out chewing power cables so that's not it)

If only I could perform the day job on a 3G connection. But sadly Starfleet don't have provision for such a facility unless I buy my own.

Ahh well. Off to light the barbecue to boil a kettle and get the old wind up radio out to keep a track of the situation.

Fun times!

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