Home is where the heart is....

It's with mixed emotions and a heavy heart that a week has passed us by and we find ourselves boarding another aeroplane (probably the same one in point of fact) a week after the last one to head back to good old blighty.

It's a heavy heart because we've loved being in Tenerife for some end of year sunshine and deep relaxation. But it's mixed emotions because we really can't wait to get home and see daughter. It's almost a month since we've clapped eyes on each-other but it feels like forever.

Of course living with teenagers - I suppose I should say young adults now - isn't half as much fun as being one and enjoying the enormous lack of responsibility that exists for a few scant inbetweeners years for most, but it does have some highly entertaining moments for the rest of us. Most of these events are enhanced all the more when you compare your own memories of a given situation, when you were their age. Parenthood is fascinating and a wonderful experience for the most part. Don't ever believe any differently.

I have no doubt that we are blessed with kids who aren't 'problems' and are well mannered and generally liked by people. In fact, given a moments thought, I'm sure If you're a parent then you too are blessed with angelic kids. Part of being a parent is having a bias, but the trick is to know when it's needed.

Anywho... Now were almost home and my thoughts are turning to sledging. Honestly. I leave the country for a week and what have you done to the place!?

It's grinding to a halt because the mercury has fallen along with the snow! It wasn't like this, this morning.

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