More Golfy Golfing

Hard to believe that it's already been almost three months since our last Quarterly game of golf, but then it's only just over a month since our last competition, the Smithy Open. Sadly, that competition's namesake isn't playing with us today, but he's with us in spirit if not in body.

At one point it didn't look like we'd be playing at all thanks to the non existent organisation skills of the group, especially given that we all have day jobs to do, which while they may not be as much fun as playing golf, they are what puts the bread on the table and keeps roofs over our respective heads.

Typically it runs like this: An early start where we all meet up at the selected golf course for coffee and bacon rolls and a bit of a catch up. Then the draw takes place to determine who's playing with who. Tee off. I think today it,s around 11am and then 18 holes of golf which will take us up to about 3 or 4 pm depending on how well things go. Then there's dinner at the clubhouse and prize giving (for those that won anything). Finally we all trot off home to freshen up ready for the court session and the evening on the town. It's great fun but you never feel too good about it afterwards... Hangover's mostly.

Weather isn't looking too good for it either. Mrs G was cycling into the city to get her hair done, but hairdressing and cycling aren't great bedfellows at the best of times let alone when it looks like it might rain. I think instead she'll be walking and I also think that secretly she's quite looking forward to having the house to herself for the day. She'll be missing us all really.

Son is off to deepest darkest Wales for the weekend with his mountain bike. He spent last night sorting out his music collection and burning a couple of half decent CD's because his friend he's going with is into "hard trance dance music". Son's tastes are far more indy rock/pop. Some of their generation have good taste at least. I'm sure he'll have a great time as long as he manages to stay on his bike rather than under it, as has been known in the past.

So a cold and damp day ahead in prospect. If the golf of late is anything to go by, it won't be a particularly enjoyable one either. This evening's entertainment will a whole other story, with the buffoonery dial turned right up to 11 no doubt.

I can only wish I was soaking up the Asian culture and heat with Daughter, but alas I will just have to try to survive without and look forward to a nice sedate Sunday lunch with Mr Ball Sr tomorrow.


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  1. Anonymous7:34 am

    Bloody Hell! You were up early today. Badman 07.30 am

  2. Yeah. Busy day. Got to make the most of it when there's no work involved.


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