Weekend? What weekend?

Oooow, it's Sunday again. And as we know being the day of rest this means it's out mission to do as little as possible. Well of course this is not the way of the world, but it's worth a try.

Yesterday we took a drive down to sunny Wiltshire to see A, L and A. As always they were in fine fettle and we went out for the evening to a local pub / restaurant which was most enjoyable. It's in the village of Bulkington and used to be called "The Tipsy Toad". Back then it was just a nice village pub with a warm and friendly atmosphere. However, it's recently been transformed with the addition of a large conservatory style extension and is really far more of a restaurant than a pub nowadays. Its new name is "The Well" and its clearly become very popular. It was packed and in point of fact, very nice and not bad value for money either. That's not to say I haven't had better food, but it's certainly a good effort for a pub trying to be a posh eatery.

Should you ever be in that neck of the woods, I'd say it's worth the visit. Take a look here: http://www.thewellatbulkington.co.uk/ for all the lowdown.

Much frivolity was had and we were joined by O and S which always means much buffoonery. Plenty of fluids well into the wee small hours of Sunday and a good time was had by all.

Sunday morning proper meant bacon sarnies which as we know saves us all from the agony that is a hangover and by 11am, Mrs G and I were on the road and off to Bristol. Its always great to spend time with A,L & T and we've discussed a plan involving horse racing in the new year. Its an outline for now, but we'll try and colour it in I'm sure.

We'd decided we'd take a brief look in IKEA having not visited that establishment for a good 9 months at least. Nothing much has changed. They had christmas decorations up for sale but that's about it. Did bump into J,A and B though which was a pleasant surprise. Evidently yesterdays Rugby match (Gloucester v Saracens) was a tremendous success, but you can't be everywhere at once and Wiltshire won the battle easily this time.

Home by two and time to start organising what will need to be packed for out forthcoming canary islands adventure. More about that later in the week though. For now there's the Abu Dabi Grand Prix, The Papers, X-Factor and baked potatoes for dinner all to get sorted out.

Another peacefully quiet Sunday.

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