What else is left to do then?  

  • Presents bought? Check
  • Wrapped? Check
  • Sent off to Santa? Check
  • Turkey bought? Check
  • Sprouts? Check
  • Crackers? Check
  • Figgy Pudding? Ummm... Sort of...  Looks a bit stodgy if you ask me.  Check.
  • Copy of the Radio Times? Check
  • Sofa cushions plumped in preparation for 3pm snooze with accompaniment from HRH QEII (or ER as she's known round here) Check


Well I think that's everything.  I just feel like I'm forgetting something...  What can it be??


I remember.  I haven't wished you lot a Merry Christmas yet have I?   So here's to hoping you have a great time and don't fall out with whoever you're spending Christmas with. Make the most of just being nice to eachother.

"Feliz Navidad" as they say in Mexico

Those of you having an online Christmas through the wonders of Social Networking should hop on Twitter and follow @StarofBethlehem64 If only it was that easy eh?

I can hear the tinkle of sleigh bells in the distance, so I'd best get off and pour a glass of Sherry for Santa.

Take Care


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