Snow stopped... Looks beautiful, if cold.

Tried to get a hair cut yesterday, and after a bit of ringing round, discovered that all the barbers within walking distance of home were closed. However, I do have it on good authority that "Foxes" is going to be open until at least lunchtime today, so with any luck I can get a trim in there.

Just going back to my Eggs Benedict notes from earlier in the week....  Daughter has found a fantastic cheat that's going to make the whole process sooo much simpler...

Strictly speaking it's cheating, but she's a star.

Interesting bit of Vince Cable bashing going on.  Mr Cable is one of the few politicians I have any respect for and I'd hate to see him loose that especially as a result of trying to save the british people from Rupert-bloody-Murdoch of all people. The fact that Vince was honest with a member of the press just goes on to prove why I hold him in such high regard.

"Following comments made by Vince Cable to the Daily Telegraph, the Prime Minister has decided that he will play no further part in the decision over News Corporation's proposed takeover of BSkyB."

"In addition, all responsibility for competition and policy issues relating to media, broadcasting, digital and telecoms sectors will be transferred immediately to the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport."

"This includes full responsibility for OFCOM's activities in these areas."

"The Prime Minister is clear that Mr Cable's comments were totally unacceptable and inappropriate."

But just how did this story come to light?? Radio 4's news last night said that it was release to the BBC's Robert Peston by a "Whistleblower" who was concerned that the Telegraph hadn't publish the full transcript of Mr Cable's "private" conversation.  Who is this Whistleblower? Surely the public should be told!!  Where's "Wikileaks" when you need them ??  Julian Asange must be smashing Peston's door in!

Who benefits from the news that Vince Cable doesn't want Rupert Murdoch to have a majority control over BSkyB ?? Not really anybody to be honest. I don't want him to either!!  and it's quite likely that neither do you, although you may not know it... or even care.   More likely that the Murdoch team feel their position infront of OFCOM has been strengthened and that OFCOM are more likely to find in their favour. For the British public, this can only be a bad thing.  How so??  Have you ever watched "Fox News" ? as owned by News Corporation as owned by Rupert Murdoch... (Not that Sky News is a whole lot better)

What got me scared about the Fox News situation is the John Ellis story from the US Election in 2000.

It's said that "Having control of the media, is having control of the people".  But we do have our own brain cells.  Just remember to use them for yourself, although let's not get all David Icke :-)  Conspiracy is everywhere they say... but they say all sorts of things.

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