One of my colleagues and erstwhile blogger "Scobi" recently referred to the good old TLA in his musings.  For those of you unfamiliar with this acronym, it is of course borne out of the same family as the FLA.  Still none the wiser??  Well, it's a Three-Letter-Acronym, or a Four-Letter-Acronym.  Things start to go a bit wierd when you get up to 5, so lets just leave it there shall we.
Regardless. To my point.  I've recently discovered a new TLA which is fascinating. It's a hobby but as yet, not one of mine. FPV.
It's a subject full of all sorts of interesting geekery that while I could have imagined was possible, didn't actually know that anyone had brought it into existence. It utilises such tech as "On Screen Displays" and "Antenna Tracking" as well as "Head Tracking" and 2.4Ghz Video Goggles with a 46 degree diagonal FOV.
That's the noise my brain made when I first heard about it...  O, M and dare I say it, G!!...  What on earth can all this be about??
OK, enough flannel. Let me get to the detail.  FPV stands for "First Person View". It's also referred to as VP or "Video Pilotage". It enables you to capture footage like this.... (BTW, I'd recommend full screen and HD if you can handle it)

Winterwonderland from RiSCyD : TeamBlackSheep on Vimeo.
Wonderous looking stuff. To see a pilot's eye view of a flying wing, cruising through the beautiful snow-covered back country. Visiting sheep, scaring dogs and blasting through trees, construction sites and power lines. Incredible, I'm sure you'd agree.  There's more of similar stuff to be seen here should you so wish.
What's happening here is mid-air-to-ground telemetry and you guessed it, there's even an app for that. "iTelemetry".  It's relatively (in the sense that all things are relative) inexpensive to get set up when you consider the cost of telemetry systems such as this in the past.
Clearly next years Christmas list should be coming for places like this: http://www.immersionrc.com this: http://www.ritewingrc.com/ and this: http://www.firstpersonview.co.uk/ For all your FPV needs.
Still snowing. Ear still plugged. Parcels arrived (Did I say that already?)

Starfleet-wise, things are moving on apace. The decks are pretty much cleared (only one serious item remaining) and during the one day I have to show my face over the Christmas break, I shall be clearing out and poloshing my inbox in preparation for the new dawn in the new year.
Excellent Christmas drinkies with the neighbours last night. Something we don't do nearly often enough, and preparations are well and truly underway for the WTC Christmas Party later in the week. Proper Fun Times are almost upon us.
Merry Wassname.

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