Ho Ho Ho

Snow!!!  Finally we have some snow.  It may not be as deep as some of the rest of the country have been experiencing, but I have no doubt that it is as beautiful.

Christmas preparations are in full swing in the ball residence. Last night saw the monumental 'sticking up the tree' task completed. It's a task of six parts that work like this...
  1. Extract the ladder from storage and hoist it to the top of the house to enable access into the loft space.
  2. Find all the boxes marked Xmas ( if your lucky) and struggle to extract them from said loft.
  3. Find tree and extract from loft. Return ladder to storage.
  4. Unbox decorations to see what's available that fits with the colour scheme as designated by Daughter/Mrs G this year.
  5. On discovering nothing suits - go shopping for more bleeding decorations.
  6. Erect Tree and decorate.

Still. "Tiz the season to be jolly" as the song goes, so now I'm required to add a couple of extra tasks...
  1. Contact local builder to arrange survey and quotation.
  2. Outline weight requirements for loft strengthening to enable storage of a load of tinsely shiny tat that we move about for 12 days out of every 365 (3% of the time)
  3. Pay builder extortionate sum of money to sit around drinking my tea and coffee and read the Sun for 2 weeks while his mate bangs a hammer on a piece of wood in the loft.
  4. Explain to bank manager reason for using significant amount of overdraft is to complete residential expansion and strengthening needed to accommodate increased seasonal decorative capabilities which are mandatory as part of historical tradition brought about by the alleged birth of a carpenter in a barn some 2000 years previously.
  5. Realise that ALL Bank managers are atheists and so use further amounts of overdraft to aquire hard liquor to assist in drowning sorrows.
  6. Wake up with very bad headache just in time for December 31st.
  7. Make new years resolution not to get involved with Christmas next year.
In the mean time - I'm STILL trying to get rid of these rubbishy jobs so that I can start focusing on the new stuff post Christmas.  that's proving to be harder than expected.  Fun Times...

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