The process is in active existence

Or to put it another way... The game is a-foot. Well, more of a-head this morning to be fair. A sore head. But that's Christmas parties for you. Don't expect anything too inspiring in todays post.

It wasn't a particularly long, drawn out or loud affair, and even if it had been loud I wouldn't have noticed what with me being temporarily deaf and all. But it did involve a good walk around the city center on a cold and damp evening with some good friends and much giggling.  This is what Christmas parties are supposed to be about after all. Frivolity with a capital Friv.

We had a proper downpour of snow yesterday afternoon for about and hour and then just as quickly as it started, it stopped again. By the time I ventured out in the evening it was almost as if it had never happened. There were still small blown up drifts of the stuff in corners and gutters, but nothing covering the roads or footpaths. I have it on good authority that there's more coming on Saturday though, so that will be most welcome - AFTER the Christmas shopping is finished and I don't have to travel anywhere else.

The big plus is, it's FRIDAY!! and thank heavens for that. So without further ado here's some Christmas related friday funnies for you. 

Santa's Surprise Entrance

Santa Claws

Holy Santa Claus

The parcel's still haven't arrived and the ear ache is getting worse....  Not Fun.



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