Writing and wrapping

One thing that's really done my nut in today is Christmas Card envelope labels. Seriously baked my noodle.

Two years ago I built a nice little word document with all the appropriate addresses in it, and all properly spaced for the avery labels that we had for the printer. All was well. It took a bit of setting up, but I wouldn't have to do anything clever next year, (other than e odd update for movers or additions) just reprint the list.

However, some bright spark had used up the labels and not bought the same ones, so I had to reformat the whole list which I recall took bleeding ages. Still, I wasn't likely to have the same problem this year... Was I?

Well apparently I was. Marvellous. Not happy. Spent another two hours fixing it, and now I need a way to ensure that the same thing doesn't happen next year. Having said that, I've now got the list in three different formats and I'm keeping a tight reign on anyone buying address labels. Fingers crossed that'll do it. At least the Christmas Card writing is now done and all that remains is to buy a stack of stamps and get them posted.

The other big job today is wrapping. As I've said elsewhere we're having Christmas for the Wiltshire half of the family next weekend, so all those presents need to be in place and wrapped and labelled and ready to go. Yesterdays shopping was actually very successful, so much so that we're very nearly finished and as long as the items that are stuck in the post somewhere, arrive on time, we're pretty much good to go. Always a relief to have that job sorted. It means you can sit back and enjoy Christmas. So after sitting cross legged on the lounge floor all afternoon with scissors, sticky tape, ribbons, paper and tags, I'm suitably pleased with the short term results, but there's still more to do yet.

I still haven't got anything for Mrs G, and that will be a constant source of concern until I find the perfect ... Thingamebob ... I have a couple of ideas, but I'm not 100% happy with them just yet. There's also the need for a couple more little bits and pieces for the kids.. Nothing too major, just a couple of good comedy presents.

I'm pretty sure no one knows what I want for Christmas, but then it's about the giving not the receiving. Anyone who might want some ideas could do a lot worse than looking at my amazon wish list because there's always something interesting on there: http://www.amazon.co.uk/wishlist/1WGTQ29AHEZ4L In fact, I've just refreshed it so I know it's good for this year.

The next thing I'll be yacking on about next week is Coronation Street. 50 years is a good innings and they're pulling out all the stops. But enough for now. I'm off to fit a lock on the cupboard I keep the label paper in. It's the only way to be certain.

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