Another year

That's me. 21 again. Disturbing really.  When you're a kid you never think about getting older. You just think you're going to be this old, this way forever.

But you're not. Things change.  In fact, the only constant thing in the universe is the inalienable fact that things change. Always a bit unsettling really, because generally speaking we don't like change.  We find our little corner and we get comfortable and that's where we like to be.. that's how we like to be.  And then - as is the way of the universe - something comes along and changes it and we're not comfortable anymore.

Birthdays change you every year. I distinctly remember  when I was 21, thinking "Wow it's not old at all really is it?  It's another 9 years until I'm 30, I'm only just over half way to being that." and when I was 30 I was thinking "Another 10 years until I'm 40 - that's forever away. I'm still very young" and if truth be told, I am still very young.  In fact in the grand scheme of things even if I were a thousand years old, I'd still be very young. In both theoretical mathematics and reality I am 21 again. ie: 42.

I've been trying to figure out how I went from being in my mid thirties to my mid (well early) forties. I blinked when I was 35 I think, and when I opened my eyes I was 40.  I mean, it's not like it should be unexpected, I've known for a long time that I'm getting older, but that, more than the fact that I am actually older is the most terrifying aspect of ageing. It's not the actual ageing, it's the speed at which it happens.  

Still - I'll put on a brave face. Keep on singing and dancing, propping up my end of the tent, heaving the mill wheel and leaving them begging for more - etc etc....  So on the subject of aging, here's a few gems of knowledge that are worth imparting.

My father told me: "You're only as old as the woman you feel"
"I have a gym in my house. The thing is, though, I’m only trying to live longer so I can eat more cheese and drink more wine."
- Ricky Gervais, certified genius.
"It was one of those British faces that, once seen, are never remembered"
- Oscar Wilde
"My hair's got a life of it's own. Last week, I found it in the Kitchen making itself an omelette"
- Paul Merton
Evelyn Waugh famously once said: "All this fuss about sleeping together. For physical pleasure I'd sooner go to the dentist any day." Well, in my part of Wales, it's now easier to find someone to sleep with than it is to find a dentist.
- Patrick Hannan
"Yes, I do wear spectacles, but only for reading and seeing things."
- Ronnie Barker
"Middle age is that time in life when childeren and parents cause equal amounts of worry"
- Romy Halliwell

And on that bombshell.....(which incidentally is another phase I've learned to loathe - thank you Mr Clarkson).  Sorry I haven't written for a day or so, but I've been busy getting old and trying to understand what's expected in my new role. The first part of that is easy, because we all just get old by travelling forward in time. The second part is a whole other bundle of confusion brought about mostly by the fact that I'm new to it even though I've done similar things before. All I can do, is what I can do, and try not to let anyone down in the process.

Curry for tea - yum yum yum. This evening I will attempt to watch either "Scott Pilgrim vs The World" (The film about the 7 girlfriends), "The Other Guys" (A comedy buddy cop movie) or "The Girl who played with Fire" (Part 2 of the Millenium trilogy of which I have high hopes). Will let you know tomorrow how that went and what I thought.

In the meantime - I'm looking forward to being 21 again....  which I reckon will be in 2032, change dependant.


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